Wica Meeting Minutes 3-13-11

Water Island Civic Association, Inc.
One Water Island
St Thomas, VI 00802-7800

March 13, 2011
An open session of the Executive Committee was held on Sunday, March 13, 2011 at Honeymoon Beach.  Quorum was confirmed and the meeting was called to order at 9:06 A.M.

Attendees:   Ray Lopez, Stuart Butler, Mercy Blosser, Wally Henshaw, Barbara Archibald, Karen Congero, Nils Wessell, and Mary Lynn Tucker

Absent:  Helena Sudek

Minutes: A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes from the WICA EC meeting on February 6, 2011. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Mercy Blosser presented the financial statements as of March 13, 2011. She reported that Auction receipts/expenses are still being tallied.  A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as submitted.  Motion passed.

-    Dinghy dock was repaired at cost of $915.  Discussion ensued about how to cover this expense. Motion made to attempt to collect from resident users of this dock (Wally Henshaw will do this), and WICA to pay the difference.  Motion passed.
-   Honeymoon Beach painting project – Volunteers have done part of this, paint & supplies are on hand for completion.  Motion made to set date for completion of painting project- Saturday, March 19 at 8:00 a.m. Motion passed
-    Announcements – fans were replaced in Pavilion. Dumpster was moved from deep water dock, courtesy of Brad Monroe & Mark Knopf.

-   Motion made for purchase of new speakers for auction & other events – Radio Shack has for $79/each.  Motion approved.
-    Discussion about broken chain on stairway at Fort Segarra, which could cause injury.  Barbara Archibald will contact appropriate government officials about this potential liability.
-   Road signage project - Ray Lopez reported that one estimate has been received for reflective aluminum signs, 26 signs on 13 posts, at a rough cost of $3000.  Discussion ensued about who would maintain signs, is it a governmental mandate to have road signs for emergency purposes, and the need for more than one estimate.  It was suggested that we have government liaison, Joanne Bohr, contact Public Works to see if funds are available for road signage.  Meanwhile, more estimates with definite cost for installation will be obtained.
-    “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU) between WICA and Dept of Parks & Rec regarding maintenance of Honeymoon Beach is expiring May 19, 2011.  Committee to work on this includes Ray Lopez, Glen Petit, Mary Dunakey, and Jackie Coleman.  They will meet soon and draft recommendation for EC.  Discussion ensued about high level of activity on beach, particularly use by day boats & non-residents. Question posed whether WICA members should be responsible for maintaining beach and restrooms for use by day visitors and customers of businesses making money from the use of the beach.  WICA having all the responsibility for the beach with no power to enforce regulations regarding its use is part of the problem.  
-    Dogs on the beach – In discussion about the MOU and problems on Honeymoon Beach, the ongoing issue of dogs on the beach was raised.  Motion made, passed, then rescinded that we request officials from St.Thomas to come over on a Sunday to enforce this territory-wide law by impounding dogs.  Alternatively, it was suggested that we post the Virgin Islands law, along with penalty for its infraction, at ferry dock, on the ferry, and on the beach.  Karen Congero agreed to print these signs.

Security:  Chairman, Joe Mancino reported that lights are out at the ferry dock and at Flamingo Bay. He and Stuart Butler will contact WAPA to come over to repair (while here, we will ask to repair flagpole).
Membership:  Robert Blosser reported 73 membership payments received for 2011, including 9 new members. Memberships continue to come in.
Government Liaison:  No report.
Community Outreach:  No report.
Roads and Roadsides:   No report.  Discussion held about drainage line on lower Sprat Bay Rd. causing a driving hazard.  V.I. Paving is supposed to return in the near future to do some other work, so it was suggested that chairperson, Chuck Gidley contact them about adding a remedy to this problem to their work list.  
Land Use:  No report
WISAR:  Upcoming “Community Disaster Preparedness” program to be held with speaker from VITEMA on Tuesday, March 29 at the firehouse.
Auction:  Chairperson Missy Petit announced that Auction Committee would be meeting tomorrow.
Website:  No report
Beach Committee:  No report
Welcome Committee:  New committee, no report.
By-Laws Committee:  New committee- Stuart Butler, Mary Dunakey, Jackie Coleman, Gwendolyn Stevens, Wally Henshaw to meet soon.

Meeting adjourned 10:32 a.m.
Respectfully submitted, Mary Lynn Tucker, WICA Secretary