from MICHELLE AND WES BERTCH [] on 2012-01-13 | delete

My husband and I met Mary and Randy about a year and a half ago when needing help in a hurry finding a place.  Mary took such good care of us and showed us around the island.  We are very saddened to hear of her recent passing.  Our sincerest condolences to Randy and all of those who knew and loved Mary.  She was truly a special person.



from DANA STRONG [] on 2011-12-19 | delete

I have known Mary since she first started working alongside Grace Auer years ago.

She and Randy have cared for our home on the top of the eastern-most hill of Water Island since then.

I had a really lovely visit with Mary and Randy when I was down for a few weeks this past September,

She was feeling strong enough one late afternoon to come up to the house and we chatted about how

she was feeling and coping with her illness. She was, as always,  open and optimistoc and putting

her characteristic positive outlook on her front burner. That was the last time I saw Mary and her smile

was gorgeous as ever. All you residents and visitors to this crazy piece of the Caribbean gave her

such joy and true friendship and the island will never quite be the same. It will still be wonderful...

but will forever miss this most perfect Water Island ambassador.

from TINA AND BRIAN BROOKMAN [] on 2011-12-16 | delete

Mary and Randy have changed the course...and direction...of our lives.

Years ago, when we first boarded the ferry to see Water Island, we met a woman named Susan Miller. She was kind enough to take us, upon our arrival, to see her friend Mary. I can still see her that day in her office...surrounded by cats...smiling and welcoming us to Water Island. Offering us her help and her friendship. Mary and Randy "took us in", as it were, and it is one of the great blessings of our lives that that day occurred. From that moment on, she has been an amazing encouragement to us both in our dream to come to Water Island, and to me in my personal life as I strived for growth and education. She taught me much, and will always stand for me as a reminder that life is what you make of it. She was an amazing woman; always ready with a smile...always thinking of others...and always there with that word of optimism that things would get better; that they would work out.

Those of you who know us will know that Mary spent much time in the last 6 months of her life trying to help us come to Water Island permanently. I will not allow those efforts to be in vain. We miss you all, and are mourning with you now. My one regret is that Mary will not be there to celebrate it with us.

What helps me right now is that my final words to Mary when I last spoke to her were "I love you, too". know that it was meant for you as well. Thank you both for being our friends. We'll see you soon.

from JIM WILKINSON on 2011-12-16 | edit | delete

I am adding this comment on behalf of Barbara Korecki / JW

To Randy and all of Water Island residence,
My husband and I visit Water Island every few years.  We always worked with Mary and Randy in finding places to stay.  Mary graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont where we are from and knew my husbands parents when they visited Water island in the earlier days.   We shared stories about familiar places both  in Vermont and about Water Island.

On our vacations to Water Island, we loved visiting with Mary and Randy especially over Saturday night dinners on Honeymoon Bay.  My husband and I would bring Vermont Maple syrup to Mary and Randy when we visited and we sent syrup, the years that we couldn't make a visit.  Mary and Randy always made us feel like we "belonged" on the island…which is especially why, among other reasons, we always return.
All of your hearts must be heavy.  I know that mine is.

Ken and I send our truest heart felt condolences to Randy and extend our hand and hearts to help in the grieving process with whatever we can provide.   Please ask.

To the Islanders on the Island that Mary  loved so so much...
Please accept mine and Ken's deepest condolences.  We too will miss Mary very very much.
With love and sadness,
Barbara Korecki and Ken Moll, East Montpelier ,Vermont